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Bruno Porro Dogliani Supreriore DOCG 14% 75cl
Bruno Porro Dogliani Supreriore DOCG 14% 75cl
Tuote: Bruno Porro Dogliani Supreriore DOCG 14% 75cl
Selostus: Ribote is a strictly family-run company that comes from a centuries-old tradition. All production is fully organic and as much as possible is done manually, in respect to the grapes and the wines that is the outcome of their hard work. As a result, all the wines in Ribote range are earthy, honest and genuine.

Grape: 100% Dolcetto

Vineyard age: 50 years old

Color: Dark ruby red

Nose: Intense and persistent, with a delicate hint of cherry.

Taste: With excellent structure, richness and softness.

Food pairing: Goes well with meat main dishes, as well as mature cheeses.

Serving temperature: Leave bottles at room temperature a few hours before serving, serve a few minutres after opening the wine.
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Koodi: 452349
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18.65 €/L
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